“Newly divorced, new job and relocation took a toll on me mentally. I started and stopped; he never gave up on me. December 2020, I called him told him I was ready; he said let's do this. He pushes me, he encourages me, he believes in me and he hasn't quit on me. One day at work I looked in the mirror and literally started crying; I saw a glimpse of me. I am embracing training as a part of my life; in Christian's words "we making this a lifestyle."

- S. Claytor

“I have had the pleasure of training with Christian for about 2 years now. Before working out with him, I was completely out of shape and lacked direction. Once I began working out with him regularly and focused on changing my habits, I began to look and feel so much better. He is enthusiastic, motivating, and knowledgeable about all things fitness. In everything, I know that Christian is going to push me to my full potential. What I appreciate most is that he places emphasis on the importance of having the right mindset and developing and maintaining a healthy diet alongside working out regularly — without it, you’re working out in vain. I know that when I’m working him, expectations are always clear. He is going to show up 100% and expects me to do the same.”

- A. Williams

"More than a trainer…a coach.....I’m 45, 3 kids, hectic job and family schedule, and struggled with weight my entire life. I’ve been working with Christian now for 5 weeks and he is truly coaching me on physical fitness, motivation and diet. It’s hard work and if you’re looking for someone to “make” you do the work, join the military. But, if you’re looking for someone who is genuinely interested in guiding you towards improving your energy, your nutrition, and getting to your fitness goals – and has the knowledge to get you there, Christian is the coach you should consider. In these 5 weeks, Christian has kicked my butt in the workouts, but the improvement is showing in my stamina and endurance, weight loss, and desire to continue. I’m glad I made the choice to work with Christian and believe you will too."

- J. Atkins

“Chris is a trainer turned friend. He cares not just of your fitness goals but of your overall well-being. He will push you towards your goals and provides that tough love that is needed. No matter the fitness level you start off with; he has the ability to get you to the next level.”

- A. Hollingsworth

"COVID-19 had gotten me down. I was feeling depressed and lost my own drive to go work out, to run, to do the things I normally did to stay healthy and manage stress. I drank more and exercised less, I was becoming a hot mess. Enter Christian Brown. Within a month of dietary changes and virtual workouts (I still don’t feel safe going to a gym because of COVID-19) Christian helped me boost my energy levels, crave less booze, and get more sleep. And most importantly, I started to see definition and muscle tone that I’ve not seen since I was in my 20’s! I feel great now, I have more energy, and I look forward to breaking a sweat each week with Christian!"

- T. Cunningham